Developer Documentation

Payment Widget parameters

Last Updated: 22 May 2023

Configuration parameters

transactionType String Required

Used to indicate if the transaction is a sale or an authorisation that will be captured later.

Enum: “sale”, “authorize”

language String Optional

Enum: “EN”

showTruevo Boolean Optional

Whether to display the trusted Truevo logo and footer text inside the widget content.

iframeStyles Object Optional

iframe styles

theme String Optional

Enum: “classic”, “minimalist”, “expanded“, “compact“, “contained“. The CSS theme for the widget content. By default “classic“ theme is set as default theme.

style String Optional

Custom CSS stylesheet to apply to the widget content. Learn more about CSS styling capabilities here.

isDarkTheme Boolean Optional

Used to enable dark mode of current selected theme.

isInline Boolean Optional

Whether to display the Payment widget for inline flow or redirect flow.

merchantReference String Required

A reference provided by you for the transaction, commonly used for reconciliation. It is recommended that the identifier is unique to the transaction.

paymentReference String Required

A reference provided as a description for the transaction.

amount Object Required

Transaction amount.

totalAmount Number Required

The total amount requested for the transaction. If a breakdown is specified, this would represent the sum of all detailed amounts.

currencyAlphaCode String Required

The currency alpha code of the transaction, specified with the three-character ISO 4217 code.

details Object Required

Amount details.

paymentAmount Number Required

The net transaction amount prior to specifying additional amounts, such as gratuity.

gratuityAmount Number Optional

The additional amount the payer has chosen to provide as a tip or gratuity.

merchantShopperReference String Required(if tokenization object is specified)

The unique reference assigned to a cardholder in order to group tokenized card details under a customer. Ideally, this should be the cardholder username within a ecommerce system.

tokenRegistrationProcess String Required(if tokenization object is specified)

Used to indicate the process to be taken for storing cards. If Optional is used, the storing of card details will be done based on the decision of the cardholder at the time of inputting card details for the transaction.

Enum: “Always”, “Optional”, “None”

descriptor String Optional

May be used to populate the merchant name descriptor presented in the cardholder’s statement. Contact Truevo for details.

redirectUrl String Optional

The URL a cardholder must be redirected to after completing a 3DS challenge in a browser-based flow.

mid String Required

The unique identifier issued to you by Truevo.

tid String Required

The identity of the terminal utilised in the transaction. This will also be supplied to you by Truevo.

firstName String Optional

The first name of the customer.

lastName String Optional

The last/family name of the customer.

birthDate String Optional

The date of birth of the customer in this format: YYYY-MM-DD

contact Object Optional

Customer’s contact details.

email String Optional Required (if customer object is specified)

The email address of the customer.

mobile String Optional

The mobile number of the customer.

phone String Optional

The home phone number of the customer.

workPhone String Optional

The work phone number of the customer.

url String Optional

The website URL of the customer.

ip String Optional

The IP address of the customer.

billingAddress Object Optional

street1 String Optional

Line 1 of the street address.

street2 String Optional

Line 2 of the street address.

city String Optional

The name of the city/town.

state String Optional

The name of the state/county.

postCodeZip String Optional

The postal/zip code.

countryAlphaCode String Optional

The alpha 2 code of the country, relates to country name.

key String (no spaces) Optional

An identifier for the provided value.

value String (no spaces) Optional

The content of the provided value.

signature String Optional

The generated digital signature that ensures no tampering has occurred with a request sent to us. Read how to create a digital signature here.