Developer Documentation

Hosted Payment Page validations

Last Updated: 24 October 2022

Validations on the payment screen of the Hosted Payment Page

We have built a number of validations on the Payment Screen to help guide cardholders into entering the required data correctly.

Field Name Mandatory Validation Error Message
Card number
16 numeric digits
  • "Enter a 16-digit card number"

  • "Enter a valid card number", this is used if the card number entered fails an inbuilt Luhn Check validation (1)

Cardholder name
Any alphanumeric character
Enter a card holder name
Expiry date
Entered in the format MM/YY

2 numeric digits for the month (MM) and 2 numeric digits for the year (YY)
Enter a valid expiry date
Security code
3 numeric digits
Enter a valid security code