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Enable Google Pay for Payment Plugins

Last Updated: 6 June 2023

Google Pay merchant onboarding

Currently, Truevo only supports Merchant Registration onboarding for Google Pay™. This means we as the payment platform manage the Google Pay™ configuration on your behalf and you are not required to set up a Google Developer account or configure your own keys and certificates.

We support both “PAN only” and “Cryptogram 3DS” methods of authorisation, and we will automatically take care of 3D Secure if it is needed for a transaction.

To start accepting Google Pay™ transactions within the Payment Widget, you will need to enable and configure Google Pay™.

Please make sure you have read and adhere to the Google Pay API Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

How to configure Google Pay

Step 1 - Activate Google Pay

Google Pay™ is enabled via the Truevo Portal, the setting can be found once navigating to the Developer section of the portal and is located under the Payment Configuration tab.

To enable Google Pay™, select the Activate button. This will immediately take you to the Google Pay configuration page.

Step 2 - Set a display name

The display name is used to indicate to a customer who they are paying via Google Pay™, in the Google Pay™ window.

To set a display name, enter the value in the provided field.

Step 3 - Save your Google Pay configuration

Once a display name has been set you can select the Save button to save the configuration. Google Pay™ is only enabled once the configuration has been saved.

Selecting the Save or Cancel button will return you to the main Payment Configuration tab within the Developer section of the portal.

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